ISS Components Version

SiteProtector Database:   2.0 (SP6.33 : XPU 1.173)
Agent Manager:                 6.9 (SP 7.104)
SiteProtector Core:           2.0 (SP 6.1)
X-Press Update Server:   1.0 (XPU 1.4)
Deployment Manager:     2.0 (SP 6.3)
Event Collector:                6.9 (SP 1.17)

Proventia G/GX:         1.5 (XPU 27.110)

Proventia A:                 1.4 (XPU 27.110)

Internet Scanner:       7.2 (XPU 7.2.49)

Server Sensor:             7.0 (SP4.4 : XPU 27.10)

SecurityFusion Module:         2.0 (SP 1.6)

Proventia Server for Linux:    1.0 (XPU 27.110)

Proventia Server for Windows:  1.0.914.2120 (XPU 27.110)

Proventia Desktop: [7.15825] (XPU 27.110)


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